$47.00 USD

Selling Real Estate At Auction Masterclass

The Key to Scaling Your Business and Skyrocketing Your Income as a Real Estate Agent

What you'll learn:

  • Maximize Your Sales with Auctions
  • Earn Up To 5X More Per Sale
  • Sell Probate Property At Auction
  • Flip Real Estate Deals at Auction
  • Find Property To Sell at Auction
  • Become The Go-To- Listing Agent 
  • Three Keys To Scaling Your Business
  • How To Become a CREA - Certified Real Estate Auctioneer

This masterclass is a primer for the full course on becoming a CREA - Certified Real Estate Auctioneer. 

Register to attend the Real Estate Auctioneer Masterclass today and you’ll soon discover why real estate agents who know how to sell real estate at auction are some of the highest paid real estate professionals in the United States, Canada and throughout the World.